USDA Choice Hand Cut Angus Steaks

Fall Grilling 2019 takes the chef from the kitchen to the charcoal BBQ grill. 

Yes, decisions, decisions.  Which meat combines the firing embers and a USA beef cut that tastes juicy and earns fitness stars?  Angus USDA Choice Beef/Steaks of course! Naturally marbled and containing omega-3s, Angus Beef wears three stars:  reduces the risk of high blood pressure, boosts blood circulation, and decreases blood clotting risks.  So, when you slice that juicy piece, rest assured.  Angus steak offered from Homeland Steaks may help your health.  But does it compete with fine dining experiences?  Let's put this question in perspective.  Imagine your grill, the comforts of your backyard and a blindfold.  A blindfold?  Yes, when you finish char-grilling this steak and cover your eyes and taste this tender steak, you'll think it cooked in a five star kitchen.  Well it did, yours!

Allow the steak to sizzle, but don’t overcook. 

Keep your eye on your cut and time about four minutes per side for a flaming grill. Since Angus Steak also exhibits marbled meat that cooks in juices to each bite, add flavors that complement this naturally mouth-watering taste. First, crush grounded pepper on your steak and add to the palate homemade BBQ sauce.  Try whisking distilled vinegar, tomato paste, brown sugar, molasses and salt in a trusty bowl.  Brush your steak with this mixture for a smoky, robust taste. When adding flavors, sample incrementally, so the Angus Beef signature taste still takes pole position.

Inspect our prized cuts!

From 5-8 oz. wrapped Filet Mignon to 15-19 oz. bold T-Bones, you'll receive a summer sizzling backyard char-grilled masterpiece.  Make it a family and friends grilling affair.  In fact, you can even cook for yourself, but the smells will make the entire neighborhood envious!

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