USDA Choice Hand Cut Angus Steaks

USDA Choice Angus Beef naturally tenderizes.

Nothing worse than a dried-up, leather-textured, hard-to-chew piece of beef. No concerns here! Angus beef consists of the perfect mix of marbling so while cooking, the juices mix into the meat for a truly mouth-watering steak. Try all the cuts and you’ll find steak heaven!

More about that marbling.

Naturally marbled and containing omega-3s, Angus Beef wears three stars: reduces the risk of high blood pressure, boosts blood circulation, and decreases blood clotting risks. So, when you slice that juicy piece, rest assured. Angus steak offered from Homeland Steaks may help your health. But does it compete with fine dining experiences? Let's put this question in perspective. Imagine your grill, the comforts of your backyard and a blindfold. A blindfold? Yes, when you finish char-grilling this steak and cover your eyes and taste this tender steak, you'll think it cooked in a five-star kitchen. Well, it did, yours!

Prepare your grill.

Get the coals burning and brush the grates with olive oil. Mix thyme & garlic butter in a medium sized bowl. Place your tender steaks on the grill along with requested sides like full carrots and halved Idaho potatoes. Brush your tenderizing mix on all fine cuts. Also, crack grounded black pepper and sea-salt on the steak. Decide on your guests’ temperature requests. If your guests want medium/rare cook for 3-5 more minutes; medium, grill for 5-7 more minutes; and well-done sizzles for up to 10 more minutes.

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