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(1 lb) Louisiana Alligator Meat-[FROZEN]

Price: $50.99

With your juicy, delicate white alligator meat, the options for cuisine abound from alligator chili to fried alligator. The chili simmers with olive oil, green bell peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes, black beans, kidney beans, chipotle chili and grilled alligator. Try frying with slicing alligator cubes and dipping them in buttermilk and flour and blasting them with hot sauce. Versatile recipes accompany your package with meat that tastes like frog legs, turtle meat or moist chicken with amazingly low values of cholesterol and astoundingly high benefits of protein. In a 3.5 oz. serving, alligator contains 65 milligrams of cholesterol and 29 grams of protein. For a price of $26.99, this crocodile truly rocks!

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