Buffalo-Elk-Wild Boar- Venison Meat

Venison, Elk & Bison Meat grill to a leaner cut, perfect for a healthier you!

Try an early American favorite!  Plymouth Pilgrims along with their new friends, the Wampanoag Natives, feasted on venison for the first Thanksgiving. One-hundred years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt hunted venison, elk and bison for his sport and family barbecues!  Stock up your freezers with the best of a truly American cuisine: Venison, Elk & Bison Steaks Burgers and Brats.  Why always eat the same thing?  Try something new!  Step aside chicken for an old staple!

Give variety to your meats!

Stack up the taste compared to beef and you’ll notice a robust flavor based on the deer, buffalo and elk’s diet.  If they feasted on sage and herbs, many diners describe the taste as earthy with a hint of acorns.  Corn-fed stock, however, boasts a milder flavor.  Some describe this difference from beef as “gamey” and a “required taste.”  We suggest cutting away the fat since that taste (if you don’t prefer it) primarily comes from the fat.  If you don’t want to lose the natural “juiciness” from the fat, try marinating the beef in buttermilk and your select seasonings like garlic.  Serving premium venison, elk & bison offered from Homeland Steak’s online store gives a leaner choice to beef.  Dieticians report that this stock exhibits 50% less fat!  Give variety to your diet with meat from the heartland!

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