Customer Service and Policies.

Homeland Steaks Customer Care

Homeland Steaks is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service and the freshest meats and seafood on the web! We offer tools to allow you to view past orders, update your account information, expedite checkout process, reset your  password and more. Please see below for detailed information on each section.

Call (866) 531-6672 to speak directly with a Customer Care specialist regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

Customer Care Service Hours Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST(We will be closed on Saturday's until further notice. We will return your calls promptly on Monday.)

Where We Ship

We ship to the entire United States of America. 


How to Order Online

Select Items and Place an Order Online
Selecting products and placing an order at Homeland Steaks is quick, easy and above all, completely secure. Follow these helpful   steps to complete your online order. If you are merely making a shopping list, you will follow all steps except "Completing Your Online Purchase."

Placing an Item in Your Cart
Once you have found the item you would like, simply enter in the quantity and click the "Add to Cart" button. This button is located at the bottom of the Product Detail page, just to the bottom of the product image. If you do not enter a number in the Quantity box, it defaults to "1".

Homeland Steaks offers several promotions and discounts for our customers. Customers can apply only one voucher or discount per order. 

When you have finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the Checkout link (located on the right-hand panel on every page of our site). This begins your checkout process.

Changing Item Quantities
If you wish to buy multiple quantities of an item you have placed in  your Shopping Cart, change the number in the "Quantity" box. Please click the "Update" button again for each change you make in the quantity. The quantity does not add the new number to your current total, but instead replaces it. You can view your Shopping Cart at any time during the shopping process by clicking on the View Cart link on the right-hand panel.

If you prefer to wait until another day to buy the items in your Shopping Cart, Homeland Steaks saves those items (using a cookie) and keeps them active for three (3) days. You may continue to add items to your Shopping Cart if you return to the site within three days.

Removing Items From Your Cart
You can remove unwanted items from your shopping cart by clicking on the "X" button located on the right side of the item in your shopping cart.

Completing Your Online Purchase
Secure Online Ordering is enabled by clicking the "Checkout" button. This link will take you into a secured area where Homeland Steaks will guide you step-by-step through the order process to complete your on-line transaction.

Customer Accounts

If you need to revise your profile, change your password, view order history, create a shopping list, or set up express checkout, sign in to your account.

Not a registered user? Take a moment to register with Homeland Steaks and enjoy faster online checkouts, sign up for e-mail newsletters, save shopping and projects lists, create a gift registry and more.

Signing Up
Wondering about the status of an order? Want to change your billing or shipping information or, care to view previous orders placed on our website? All these can be done by yourself via "My Account." Sign Up now and enjoy a more convenient method of shopping.

Changing Billing & Shipping Address
To change the name, billing and/or shipping address associated with your account, sign in to My Account using the e-mail address and password currently associated with your account, and click the Update Billing Information link under Account Settings menu.

View Order History
To view your Order History, sign in to My Account using the e-mail address and password currently associated with your account.

Checking Order Status
If you have already signed up for a Customer Account, please login in here to check the current status of your order. If you are not   currently signed up for a Customer Account, please Sign Up Now!. This will expedite future ordering processes and all future orders will be accessible through your account.


Online Security Policy

Homeland Steaks employs a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online   system is 100% secure.

Note: Fair Credit Billing Act. Under this act, your bank limits your total loss and cannot hold you liable for more than fifty dollars of reported fraudulent charges. In the event your card is used in a fraudulent manner, you must notify your bank or card issuer  immediately and in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to conduct commerce on our site.


Return & Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our business and the products we offer, items purchased through the homelandsteaks.com cannot be returned. Homeland Steaks strives to ship the absolute freshest meats and seafood available anywhere. Every item we sell is   carefully inspected before it is packaged and shipped. When your order leaves our facility, it is packed with enough refrigerant to withstand at least five (5) days in transit. If our seafood arrives damaged, please contact us immediately at (866) 531-6672. All concerns must be received within 24 hours of delivery.

If you receive an order that you suspect is spoiled, contact us immediately. We ask you provide documentation through photographs. and please do not discard of any suspected spoilage or damaged products until a representative from Homeland Steaks is contacted. We may request that you return them to us for inspection. As we continue to grow as a company feedback is important to us.

Since Homeland Steaks offers nearly all perishable products, shipping our meats and seafood in the freshest condition takes thought and careful planning. We have come up with our own fresh gel pack system that keeps perishables concealed for up to five (5) days in transit. We take care to arrange your seafood in specialized boxes designed to keep your order in the freshest possible condition upon arrival. We are dedicated to providing you with the freshest hard shell blue crabs and seafood on the web. If you have any questions about our Return and Refund Policy, please feel free to call us at (866) 531-6672.

All order cancellations need to be done 48 hours prior to your package being shipped via phone. Email can be unreliable and we can not accept order cancellations via email.


Shipping and Insurance Policies.

Homeland Steaks is not held responsible for packages once they have been marked as delivered. As these packages must be delivered shipper release the recipient assumes all responsibility for the package once it has been delivered. Insurance does not cover a missing package once it has been delivered.

Packages should be sent to your work or a location where someone is present for delivery if you are concerned with the package being left. FedEx and UPS will provide a tracking number.

The recipients are responsible to notify Homeland Steaks if their are any events in your area such as, weather, storms, power outages, and other catastrophic events that could delay a package. Homeland Steaks can not monitor this information and is the full responsibility of the recipient to notify Homeland Steaks prior to the package shipping.

Insurance will not cover any packages shipped into an area with weather, storms, power outages, and other catastrophic events that could delay a package.

If a package arrives up to 48 hours late the contents will still be okay. Our system calls for enough refrigerant to withstand up to five (5) days in transit. The insurance will only pay for the shipping price. Insurance does not pay for late shipments due to weather or other catastrophic events.

All products are shipped frozen and may be glazed with ice for flavor retention of the product. During summer months items may partially thaw. This does not mean the item is spoiled and still may be safely consumed. 

Disclaimers and Management Rights.

Any order placed that does not follow promotional guidelines or rules specified in the email can be canceled and money that is paid will be refunded to the customer. Any malicious order or an order placed using a method to bypass rules or conditions of our promotions can and will be canceled and refunded. Any promotion that is mailed out will be honored only for the discount mentioned in the promotion. 

Homeland Steaks Policy Regarding Order Cancellation

All orders cancellations must be made 24 hours before order ship date. 

Gift Cards

Homeland Steaks will refund any unused gift cards within the first 30 days of purchase. 

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