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Frozen Blue Mussels- Product of Chile

Fully cooked & flash frozen, Chilean Blue Mussels steam to a firm, mildly briny delicacy. 

Sauces and spices soak naturally into the mussels, complementing recipes from Cajun to Italian.  Our chefs recommend preparing the mussels from the frozen state as to ensure the firm texture.  Eat with exquisite recipes!  Heat olive oil butter and garlic cloves in a cast iron pan and add parsley, basil and pinot grigio to the mix and let sauté for 6-8 minutes.  Introduce the mussels and let simmer until all mussels open wide, showing their bold appreciation for such a tasty recipe.  Discard any discouraging closed-shell mussels.  Serve with buttered & melted provolone crostini.  Squeeze lemon and celebrate a sophisticated pallet.  Eat with assurance since mussels supply 16 grams of protein per 3 oz. serving or about 5 mussels.  Each pound includes about twenty-five mussels.  Add another seafood choice to your cuisine with Chilean Blue Mussels.  Follow us on Facebook for recipes & blogs.

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