Homeland Steaks is founded on the pride of quality meats at reasonable prices. Our combined partnership with Midwest farmers allows us to ensure you are getting top quality and consistent products. Tender filets from the short loin, 1 1/4" to 3"  cut porterhouse with fine-grain and mouth-watering fat, bone-flavored sirlions that can feed a family, and the signature T-bone steaks with 1" to 3" inches think hi-light some of our savory products.

Choose Midwest Black Angus meats from old-reliable, Homeland Steaks!  Known for a marbled quality for tender, juicy flavor and high in omega-3’s, our premium cuts offer unsaturated fatty acids helpful in maintaining positive blood circulation.  Not only that, but the steaks just taste darn good!  Throw a lasso around our choice 8 oz. sirloin, bacon-wrapped mignon, or 10-13 oz. ribeye.  Yee haw!  Check out our specials for deals that get the tumbleweeds moving!

For generations, our family has produced the best grass fed, organic or Angus beef products to our customers. No matter how much we continue to grow, we keep the one-on-one relationship with all of our customers as our number one goal!

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